Sunday, August 21, 2011

{About} Victorian Maiden

I am a big fan of lolita fashion, especially classic lolita. One of my favourite brand is Victorian Maiden. Actually, there's a lot of classic lolita brand but Victorian Maiden is the one & only that make me fall in love with this quirky fashion. Whenever i see those dresses on my netbook's screen, i feel i turn back into victorian era (i love anything about that era, fashion, building, and of course the wonderful history). I can imagine i live there, wearing those georgeous dress (yes, every day, not only at photo studio :p), inviting friends to my afternoon tea party (one of famous english culture), etc. Yes, this fashion can make my imagination blown high. And this fashion was one of my reason to make a big desicion to make anything about japanese fashion. Also, it taught me how to make anything by hand, i mean handmade. Yes, being a true lolita is you should be make your own accessories even the simple one. I'll show you one or two Victorian Maiden items..

You can see the whole thing about Victorian Maiden here.

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