Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kawaii Headdress

New Headdresses have come!!
All of them are handmade and you can request, if one of the goodies you ordered is just for you and we won't produce it anymore. It's all yours..
Grab them fast..^^

HD Anne
Material: White Cotton Lace
IDR 35,000

HD Antoinette
Material: White Cotton Lace, white tulle, crochet, satin ribbon, beads
IDR 75,000

HD Sherrie
Material: pink tulle, crochet, felt
IDR 35,000

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pre Order: Victorian Blouse

Don't miss these awesome blouses. Don't forget to read How To Order a PO Stuff. All in IDR 180,000. Material: cotton and lace.
B Versailles
B Ciel
B Noir
B Nicholas
B Josefenu
B Granmanie
B Frilly
B Chiffon

B Angelina
B Walter

{How To Buy} a Made by Order Stuff

How to buy:
1. Send email to or text us to 085 710 222 168
2. Production can take 2-3 weeks.
3. We just serve serious buyer who have already paid the down payment (50% of full payment).
4. Fixed price.
5. Cancel the order means no refundable.
6. Claim only served for 2x24 hours since the order accepted by buyer.
7. No return.
Please contact us if you need further information

Cara membeli:
1. Pemesanan hanya dilayani melalui email atau di nomor 085 710 222 168 (sms only).
2. Proses pembuatan memakan waktu antara 2-3 minggu.
3. Kami hanya melayani serius buyer, yaitu buyer yang telah membayar DP 50%.
4. Harga sudah fix dan tidak ada proses tawar-menawar.
5. Jika buyer melakukan pembatalan pemesanan, DP atau pelunasan dianggap hangus dan tidak dapat dikembalikan karena proses produksi sudah berjalan.
6. Sebelum barang dikirim ke buyer, barang sudah dicek oleh staf kami. Claim hanya kami layani 2x24 jam sejak barang sampai di tangan buyer.
8. No return. Jadi pastikan dulu sebelum kamu yakin untuk memesan.
Kamu bisa melihat hasil produksi kami di beberapa album foto dalam FB ini.
Jika kamu masih belum yakin akan hasilnya, kamu bisa datang ke outlet Simply Oshin di:
Nagoya Japanese Fusion Resto
Jl. Prof. Dr. Sardjito No. 11 Belimbingsari Yogyakarta

Pre Order: Akatsuki Jacket

Akatsuki Jacket (IDR 240,000)
Material: Japan Drill

  • S : height (panjang)= 68 cm, width (lebar) = 52 cm, sleeve (p. lengan) = 60 cm
  • M : height (panjang)= 71 cm, width (lebar)= 54 cm, sleeve (p. lengan)= 61 cm
  • L : height (panjang)= 74 cm, width (lebar) = 56 cm, sleeve (p. lengan)= 62 cm
  • XL : height (panjang)= 77 cm, width (lebar) = 58 cm, sleeve (p. lengan)= 63 cm
  • XXL : height (panjang)= 80 cm, width (lebar) = 60 cm, sleeve (p. lengan)= 64 cm
  • XXXL : height (panjang)= 83 cm, width (lebar) = 62 cm, sleeve (p. lengan)= 65 cm


Wanna order this jacket? Read How To Order a PO stuff

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lolita shoes: For Sale

I would like to sell my Lolita shoes from The size doesn't fit on my feet. The size is 37 and I would release it for Rp. 150.000,-. The shoes is still brand new and i never wore it before (i just wore it for this photo session). Just call me if you interested.

Coming soon: Head dress and other accessories

Cant wait to upload some new stuff. Get ready guys, for new superfab headdress and other accessories..

Ja matta..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beautiful Hair

Dress up your hair and get ready to be Lolitas..

Large Bonnet (white)
IDR 85,000

Simple Bonnet (white)
IDR 80,000

Simple Bonnet (top angle)

Simple Bonnet (pink)

Simple Bonnet (baby blue)

Alice Ribbon (white)
IDR 50,000

Alice Ribbon (pink)

Alice Ribbon (side lace)

Alice Ribbon (zoom)

Simply Lolita *SOLD*

Black Gothic Dress
Bust: 84 cm
Waist: 74 cm
IDR 300,000

Black Head Dress
IDR 50,000

Green Classic Lolita Dress
Bust: 84 cm
Waist: 74 cm
IDR 250,000

Alice Ribbon
IDR 50,000