Monday, October 10, 2011

{the BAKACHUs} Cotton Plushie Troops

Since i'm blogging again, i realize i was totally left behind in crafting. I was too focus on one thing that i never know where it would end. I love selling anything about cosplay, japanese kimono or yukata, and so on. But those things made me stuck and decrease my craft ability. So, when i got an "enlightment" from some blogger such as mbak dita Cemprut, mbak puri Ideku Handmade and many more, i start to crafting again, doing what i like for hours. So, i'm trying to make some craft such as plushie (i sew it by hand, that's amazing right? haha), and my husband was so impressed when the plushie is done. Okey, i know you must be curious with my handsewn plushie which my husband called it BAKACHU, which means BAntal KAin luCHU, cute name right haha. He always brilliant when naming something :D

material: cotton, felt, button
size: 27 x 20 cm

material: cotton, felt
size: 26 x 17 cm

material: cotton, felt
size: 26 x 17 cm

material: cotton, vinyl
size: 22 x 24 cm

The Bakachu Troops

Interesting to adopt one or more of the troops? please send us message t0 +62 8571 0222 168.


  1. hai hai hai..
    sampai ketemu di CRAFT CARNIVAL yaaa :D :D
    see yaaa

  2. hai hai hai jugaaa >.< udah ga sabar utk ketemu orang2 hebat :)


Thank you dear.. xoxo